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Terms of Reference


This Ability Trust is a non-profit organization that works to advance the rights and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities in Kenya. Our main objective is to amplify the voices and increase visibility of women and girls with disabilities.


Mental health issues have traditionally been seen as a taboo topic, many people suffer from mental illnesses in silence, not knowing where or who to turn to. Research conducted by WHO, indicate depression, anxiety, psychological distress, sexual violence, and domestic violence affect women at a greater extent than men. 41.9% of women suffer from depressive disorders compared to 29.3% of men. (Women’s mental health: The Facts, World Health Organization).

Research has shown that the prevalence of depression in adults with disabilities is estimated at 24.9% to 41% which is higher than the 22.8% to 27.5% observed in non-disabled adults. When seeking access to mental health support, healthcare workers or counselors usually see the disability before they see mental health challenges. More often than not, women with disabilities are only perceived for their disabilities. They cannot understand that women with disabilities face mental challenges beyond their disabilities. (Incidence, risk, and associated factors of depression in adults with physical and sensory disabilities)

Problem Statement

The COVID-19 pandemic has largely disrupted the country and particularly the prevention measures such as lockdown, mobility restriction, quarantines, curfew, self-isolation haveled to loss of employment which has been a huge challenge. This has been linked to psychosocial problems and mental health. Women and girls with disabilities have faced increased violence, notably sexual violence mostly perpetrated by their caregivers and family. The loss of livelihoods made women with disabilities unable to provide for themselves and their families, contributingto stress, anxiety, and psychosocial problems. This Ability seeks to end the stigma on mental health and raise awareness by encouraging young women with disabilities to share, learn how to deal with stress and speak out on mental health issues.

Project Overview

Creation of community mental health forums will allow women with disabilities to have a safe space where they can share their experiences, express their emotions and feelings without the risk of being judged. The solutions to problems they face as well resiliency skills will be offered within these same spaces. Creation of such spaces will also strengthen bonds and build support networks within the community, thus increasing each individual's sense of belonging and self-worth. (Adalberto Barreto - Community TherapyIntegrative Community Therapy in Brazil and Latin America)

Overall Objective:

  • To promote awareness of mental health on young women with disabilities by creating safe spaces and reducing stigma by providing emotional support, factual information about mental health illness, its causes, ways to address it, and recovery.

Specific Objective

  • To equip young women with disabilities with the knowledge to identify when they are experiencing mental health problems or mental illness.
  • To create group therapy sessions for young women with disabilities in Kenya using technology


  • Create resources on mental health and community support for young women with disabilities
  • Develop a clear guideline on how the weekly workshops on mental health and life skills of young women with disabilities will be done. 
  • Facilitate weekly therapy circles on mental health of young women with disabilities. 
  • Guide safe space for young women with disabilities to discuss, share their experiences, and get support on mental health without judgment
  • Final report at the end of the process.


  • Work in partnership with This Ability team
  • Have periodical meetings with This Ability team
  • Inclusion of feedback from This Ability Team

Required Experience

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Counselling Psychology.
  • Should have strong empathy and listening skills
  • At least four years of provenexperience in similar positions.
  • Knowledge on the Kenyan social context.
  • Experience in mental health work from a gender and disabilities standpoint.
  • Previous experience in guiding group therapy will be an added advantage.
  • Ability to relate to and adapt communication style to suit young women with disabilities.
  • Previous experience working with women with disabilities.

N.B. Qualified women with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

This Ability Trust has zero tolerance for corruption and fraud. 

This Ability Trust reserves the right to offer comparable assignment to those qualified candidates that may not have been selected for this consultancy assignment which they applied for. These offers will be based on the needs of the organization, appropriateness and relevance to the candidate’s educational backgrounds and work experience. Only those candidates in whose qualifications and experience the Trust has further interest will be contacted for subsequent interviews.

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