Provision of Dignity Kits



This Ability Trust is a non-profit organization that works to advance the rights and inclusion of women and girls with disabilities in Kenya. Our vision is to be a dynamic organization that facilitates the realization of a society in which the rights of women and girls with disabilities are respected and upheld, allowing them to live fully integrated lives politically, economically, and socially.


UNICEF and the WHO define menstrual hygiene management as “Women and adolescent girls using a clean menstrual management material to absorb or collect blood that can be changed in privacy as often as necessary for the duration of the menstruation period, using soap and water for washing the body as required, and having access to facilities to dispose of used menstrual management materials. They understand the basic facts linked to the menstrual cycle and how to manage it with dignity and without discomfort or fear”.

Menstrual hygiene management also involves addressing harmful societal beliefs and taboos surrounding the issue. This definition applies also for women and girls with disabilities. One quarter of the global population is of menstruating age, yet menstruation is shrouded in discrimination and taboos. Disability also carries stigma, so women with disabilities may face layers of discrimination when menstruating.

There is a widespread misconception that women with disabilities are asexual, so they do not receive information on sexual and reproductive health and how to manage their periods independently. When it is about their menstruation, they face several barriers, such as lack of right information, menstrual products are very costly, communication barriers and cultural stigma. For some women and girls with disabilities menstruation can be a very traumatic experience. The intersection between cultural stigma, gender and disability puts women and girls with disabilities under vulnerable conditions and exclusion.

Project Overview

The Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) project is focussed on drought affected areas. Under this project, This Ability Trust is advancing the rights of women with disabilities through distribution of hygiene kits to women and girls with disabilities of reproductive age in drought prone areas such as Kilifi, Kwale, Kajiado, Uasin Gishu, Kakamega, Kisumu and Nairobi Counties. 

This Ability will collaborate with partners such as AMREF, Kenya Red Cross in mobilization of women and girls with disabilities in some of the drought affected communities in efforts to enhance menstrual hygiene and dignity.

Overall Objective:

To provide menstrual & bodily hygiene products to 600 women and girls with disabilities

Each Menstrual Hygiene Kit will comprise of the below items:

1. Adult diapers - 1 pack of 10pcs

2. Sanitizers - 1pc, 500ml

3. Bathing towel - 1 pc

4. Toothpaste - 1pc, 140ml

5. Toothbrush - 1pc

6. Sanitary towels - 2packs

7. Cotton Panties - 5pcs 

8. Masks - 1pc, reusable 

9. Lesos - 1 pair 

10. Reusable Pads - 1 pack

11. Petroleum Jelly - 1pc, 500ml

12. Soap - 1pc, 175g

13. Tissue paper - 1 pack of 4pcs



    • Work in partnership with This Ability team to provide accurate and timely feedback

    • Provide quotations to support the bid analysis, procurement and distribution of appropriate hygiene kits that are convenient to women and girls with disabilities.



    • Qualified and capable supplier to provide Hygiene kits to women and girls with disabilities as per the above breakdown 

    • Have minimum 3-5 years of experience in similar supplying roles in Kenya

    • This Ability Trust reserves the right to conduct due diligence to supplier offices, shops or warehouses prior to contract award.

Application Instructions


    • Please send your Expression of Interest to on or before Friday 09th December 2022.

    • Late applications will not be accepted.

    • Upon successful completion of the recruitment process, the selected supplier will be required to send a sample of previous work done.

N.B. Qualified women with disabilities are encouraged to apply.

This Ability Trust has zero tolerance for corruption and fraud. 

This Ability Trust reserves the right to offer comparable assignments to those qualified candidates that may not have been selected for this consultancy assignment which they applied for. These offers will be based on the needs of the organization, appropriateness, and relevance to the candidate’s educational background and work experience. Only those candidates in whose qualifications and experience the Trust has further interest will be contacted for subsequent interviews.

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