Economical Injustice report

This study undertook a review of the economic status of women with disabilities. Several issues were explored, among them health, education, access to procurement opportunities, access to several domains (transport, built environments, and information) and social protection.

Analysis Report on HCPs Capacities

Women and girls with disabilities are turned away from accessing sexual and reproductive health. Their sexuality is often overlooked by healthcare providers who only consider their disability hence hindering them from expressing their sexuality.

Hesabika 2021 report

Disability statistics in Kenya have over the years recorded a significantly lower disability prevalence compared to the global 15% prevalence rate estimated by the World Health Organization. According to the 2019 census, 2.2% (0.9 million people) of Kenyans live with some form of disability.

SRHRplusD Festival 2021 Report

The Festival provided a platform to enhance freedom of expression using different art forms that support body autonomy. It was a 5 day community event that initiated conversations from a holistic point of view, where women and girls with disabilities could express themselves through dance, community mental health sessions, coordinated graffiti art, spoken word, fashion and an exhibition market for products made by women with disabilities.
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